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Music by Mark Hollmann, Book by Greg Kotis, Lyrics by Hollmann & Kotis
Directed by Stephan Schellhardt

February 4 - March 26, 2017

presented at Stage 773

In a dystopian near-future, a terrible water shortage has led to a government ban on private toilets. Citizens are required to use public amenities, regulated by a single malevolent company that profits by charging admission for one of humanity’s most basic needs. Amid the regular folk, a hero reaches his breaking point and starts a movement to offer the people some much-needed relief! At a time when private companies are controlling more nad more of our daily lives and faith in elected officials is at historic lows, Urinetown challenges both institutions with irreverently humorous satire.

  • Bobby Strong: Henry McGinniss
  • Hope Cladwell: Courtney Mack
  • Caldwell Cladwell: Donterrio Johnson
  • Penelope Pennywise: Molly Kral
  • Officer Lockstock: Scott Danielson
  • Little Sally: Ariana Burks
  • Senator Fipp: Peter Robel
  • McQueen: Jonathan Schwart
  • Officer Barrel: Tommy Bullington
  • Little Becky: Demi Zaino
  • Hot Blades Harry: Garrett Lutz
  • Soupy Sue: Sara Reinecke
  • Tiny Tom: Nick Graffagna
  • Josephine: Desiree Staples
  • Music Director: Charlotte Rivard-Hoster
  • Choreographer: Aubrey Adams
  • Asst. Director: Dan Plehal
  • Scenic Designer: Tony Churchill
  • Costume Designer: Elizabeth Wislar
  • Lighting Designer: G. Max Maxin
  • Props Designer: Natasza Naczas
  • Production Manager: Lindsay Brown
  • Stage Manager: Dalton Long
  • Producer: Meg Love

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Rave reviews for Urinetown:

"BoHo Theatre delivers this Broadway smash... with all its scatological splendor.... Choreographer Aubrey Adams's group dance numbers steal the show."
Chicago Reader

"An intensely intimate revival... [this] rollicking revival bursts with combustible kick-ass glee" Highly Recommended
Stage and Cinema

"fun and funny... BoHo Theatre presents this dark satire with smart direction and strong acting work... The blocking and choreography are impressive, and the limited space does not limit the creativity "
Chicago Splash Magazine

"Urinetown will make you laugh till you pee... a varied and dynamic cast. BoHo has a knack for finding exceptional voices, and this production is no exception" Critic's Pick

"Clever, deft staging by Schellhardt and well-executed, exacting choreography by Aubry Adams... In the BoHo production, precise characterizations from each member of the ensemble and splendidly blended vocals serve as hallmarks of the overall quality."
Chicagoland Musical Theatre

"the cast filled [the performance space at Stage 773] with engagingly strong and precise movements during their whimsical performances... This show is chocked full of wonderful music and the talented cast will win over any sceptic of the unsavory sounding title."
Times Square Chronicles