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Trhee Days of Rain temp poster

Three Days of Rain

By Richard Greenberg
Directed by Derek Van Barham

May 18 – June 25, 2017

presented at the Heartland Studio

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Ever since his father's funeral, Walker Janeway has been holed up in the old loft once belonging to his father and his father's business partner. Walker's father was architectural legend Ned Janeway, and together with his partner Theo they designed the famous "Janeway House." Walker remains furious that his father left the Janeway House to Theo's son Pip rather than he and his sister Nan. As the three children try uncover the truth, Walker finds evidence that his father actually stole all of his ideas from Theo. The truth of the past, however, is much different than they realize. Shifting from present to past, Three Days of Rain examines the depth of family secrets and how children become reflections of their parents.

  • Nan/Lina: Kate Black-Spence
  • Walker/Ned: Kyle Curry
  • Pip/Theo: Niko Kourtis
  • Asst. Director: Rich Cinfio
  • Scenic Designer: Patrick Ham
  • Lighting Designer: G. Max Maxin
  • Costume Designer: Jos N. Banks
  • Sound Design: Kallie Rolison
  • Props Designer: Natasza Naczas
  • Stage Manager: Dalton Long
  • Production Manager: Lindsay Brown
  • Producer: Meg Love