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The Tempest poster

The Tempest

By William Shakespeare
Adapted and Directed by Peter Robel

July 24 – August 29, 2009

presented at The Heartland Studio

The seas are rough beyond compare. When thunder booms and lightning strikes, winds churn the sea into a terrible fury that imperils a fleet of ships belonging to King Alonso. As a strange, fiery light illumines the ship, the king and his company jump overboard and drift to a nearby island. Prospero, ruler of the island (and a man of magic) created this storm to bring the king to this island and settle an old score.

BoHo takes on The Tempest by asking some interesting and exciting questions ... is Prospero really a magician? Does he really have the powers he thinks he does? What if, guided by Shakespeare's brilliant text, we show Prospero to not be in quite the position he thinks himself to be...?

  • Ferdinand: Anthony DiNicola
  • Sebastion/Trinculo: Adam Kander
  • Miranda: Rebecca Mauldin
  • Alonso: Andrew Marikis
  • Prospero: Chris Pomeroy
  • Antonio/Stephano: Charles Riffenburg IV
  • Ariel: Stephanie Sullivan
  • Caliban: David Tibble
  • Gonzalo: Kelli Walker
  • Scenic Designer: John Zuiker
  • Lighting Designer: Roger Wykes
  • Sound Designer: Derek Dudek
  • Costume Designer: Michelle Julazadeh
  • Props Designer: Ysraelia Garbutt
  • Stage Manager: Megan Turnquist
  • Producer: Thomas J. Samorian

The Tempest Production Photos:

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