BoHo Theatre


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By Molière
Adapted by Ranjit Bolt
Directed by Peter Robel

Jan 13 – Feb 12, 2012

presented at Theater Wit

In the midst of societal upheaval, when the lines between church and state are being drawn between those for whom religion is the bedrock of society and a younger generation eager to accept change, comes the charlatan Tartuffe. Masquerading as a man of God, Tartuffe worms his way into the life of pious family patriarch Orgon and is soon trying to make off with the man’s wealth, his daughter, and even his wife! Though the rest of the family goes to hilarious lengths to show Orgon the error of his ways and expel Tartuffe from their home, the con man always seems to be one step ahead of them.

Using steampunk (a scifi subgenre that mixes Victorian history and aesthetic with futuristic steam-powered technology) as a backdrop, BoHo's production mirrors the tumultuous societal landscape of 17th century France as a world that at once seems both familiar and alien, when old and new exist side by side. Without losing any of Molière’s wit, BoHo's Tartuffe makes it obvious why a man would desperately believe the lies of a swindler over the word of his own family. Continuing our season-long exploration of the Bohemian pillars of truth, beauty, freedom, and love, Tartuffe explores the pillar of truth through the eyes of a liar.

  • Valere: Chris Ballou
  • Elmire: Christa Buck
  • Damis: Luke Daigle
  • Mme. Pernelle: Daria Harper
  • Flipote, Laurent, Monsieur Loyal, and Officer: Andrew Marikis
  • Cleante: Michael Mercier
  • Dorine: Saren Nofs-Snyder
  • Mariane: Devan O’Mailia
  • Orgon: Sean Thomas
  • Tartuffe: Jeremy Trager
  • Scenic Design: Chad Bianchi
  • Lighting Design: Nick Belley
  • Costume Design: Kate Setzer Kamphausen
  • Properties Design: Cassy Schillo
  • Stage Manager: Meg Love
  • Production Managers: Ryan Keller, Tammy Goodman
  • Dramaturg: Ariel Trocino
  • Assistant Director: Franki Jo Levinson
  • Producer: Peter Blair

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Rave reviews for Tartuffe:

"The show's greatest strength lies in its stylized-yet-nuanced depiction of relationships within the household. A verbal and visual treat, Tartuffe delivers its warning against freeloaders in the most delightful way."
–Centerstage Chicago

"Cheering on the downfall of hypocrites remains a timeless crowd-pleaser... Trager is terrific – his Rasputin-like glower captures the fake monk's sociopathic underpinnings. Kate Setzer Kamphausen's costumes contain cunning details..."
Chicago Tribune

"This slightly madcap, modernized version of Tartuffe is engaging and fast paced."
Chicago Theater Beat