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The Rainmaker

By N. Richard Nash
Directed by Stephen M. Genovese

April 6 – May 6, 2012

presented at Theater Wit

Saddled to a failing cattle ranch in the Dust Bowl with a family of menfolk, Lizzie Curry has just about given up hope of finding love and escape. But when a charming trickster named Starbuck breezes into town promising to bring rain for $100, Lizzie’s father gives the man the last of the family’s savings, knowing that what he has to offer them, and Lizzie, is more than just rain. The Rainmaker is a classic American tale of the power of hope during hard times.

  • HC Curry: Robert Frankel
  • Lizzie Curry: Anna Hammonds
  • Jim Curry: Nate Santana
  • Noah Curry: Daniel Gilbert
  • Starbuck: Matthew Keffer
  • File: Thad Anzur
  • Sheriff: Russell Alan Rowe
  • Scenic Design: Stephen M. Genovese
  • Lighting Design: Diane D. Fairchild
  • Costume Design: Theresa Ham
  • Sound Design: Peter Robel
  • Properties Design: Cassy Schillo
  • Stage Manager: Meg Love
  • Production Manager: Tammy Goodman
  • Producer: Peter Blair

Jospeh Jefferson Awards

  • Principle Actress (Play): Anna Hammonds (nomination)
  • Supporting Actor (Play): Nate Santana (nomination)

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Rave reviews for The Rainmaker:

"a BRILLIANT production... This is the story of hope and dreams coming true despite what others believe." HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ★★★★
–Alan Bresloff, Around The Town Chicago

"an IRRESISTIBLE staging... Full of down home decency and contagious wishful thinking... a TERRIFIC recipe for POWERFUL theater."
–Lawrence Bommer, Chicago Stage Style

"an EXQUISITE intertwining of passion and the varying agendas behind family loyalty... BRILLIANT staging elevates the characters over their circumstances... a REALLY FINE show." HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ★★★½
–Scotty Zacher, Chicago Theater Beat

"Stephen M. Genovese’s direction... finds the script's humor and quiet sadness; he preserves the timeless themes and proves the show still has something to say to today’s audiences."
–Lisa Buscani, New City

"[Anna] Hammonds is CONVINCING and TOUCHING as a young, cerebral woman weighing a glimmer of practical and romantic optimism against further heartbreak. She’s a high point in Stephen M. Genovese’s HEARTFELT family dynamic, made more intimate by his naturalistic, closed-off set."
–Dan Jakes, Time Out Chicago

"ENCHANTING... a MUST-SEE production... Anna Hammonds is PERFECTION as Lizzie. [Her] trembling voice and expressive eyes... reveal the true beauty of a heroine audiences will long remember."
–Colin Douglas, Centerstage Chicago

"Theresa Ham’s costumes look like they have been hanging on a rack since 1930, and Cassy Schillo’s props are breathtakingly authentic... The standout performance of the night belongs to Thad Anzur as File... Anzur is modest, inconspicuous, amiable and altogether fascinating... In a theatrical landscape that is drought-stricken with incongruous casting and deficient storytelling, BoHo Theatre’s The Rainmaker is like a cool drink of water after a sojourn in the desert."
–Peter Coombs, Stage and Cinema