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La Cage aux Folles poster

La Cage aux Folles

Music & Lyrics by Jery Herman
Book by Harvey Firestein
Directed by Stephen M. Genovese

May 22 – July 11, 2009

presented at The Theatre Building

Jerry Herman's music and Harvey Fierstein's book bring into glittering light the story of Georges and Albin, two men spending their lives together in St. Tropez. Georges owns La Cage aux Folles, the drag club below their flat. Albin performs at La Cage as Zaza and, while the chorus queens jealously dub him “too old, and washed up,” the crowds adore him. Georges and Albin’s twenty years of domestication are thrown into a whirl when Jean-Michel, the son, fathered by Georges during a one-night heterosexual fling, comes home with news that he is engaged to Anne. That’s the good news. The bad news is that her father is a right-wing politician and head of the Tradition, Family and Morality Party, whose sworn aim is to squash the vice of local drag clubs by shutting them down. When they try to conceal their lifestyle and their ownership of La Cage, the real trouble begins.

  • Albin: Kevin Bishop
  • George: Michael Kingston
  • M. Dindon: Tom Shea
  • Mme. Dindon: Nancy Greco
  • Jean-Michel: Patrick Tierney
  • Anne: Kristine Burdi
  • Jacob: Ryan Guhde
  • Francis: Maxwell Burnham
  • Jacqueline: Debbie DiVerde
  • The Cagelles:
  • Stephane Duret
  • Ryan Lanning
  • James Nedrud
  • Caryn Ott
  • Galen Schloming
  • Music Director: Nick Sula
  • Choreographor: Christie Kerr
  • Producer: Thomas J. Samorian

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Rave reviews for La Cage aux Folles:

"The Bohemian Theatre Ensemble’s scrappy revival of this Jerry Herman and Harvey Fierstein classic seems operatic"
Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

"BoHo Theatre delivers a delightful revival" (Highly Recommended, 3 Stars)
Venus Zarris, Chicago Stage Review

"La Cage aux Folles charms with empowering wit." (Recommended)
Brian Kirst, Chicago Free Press

"'I Am What I Am' is a showstopper ... Kevin Bishop's performance is a real tearjerker." (Highly Recommended)
Dennis Polkow, New City

"Go see this highly entertaining, colorful extravaganza." (Highly Recommended)
Jerry Nunn, Windy City Times

"The BoHo staging has style, wit, dazzle, and unforgettable performances." (Highly Recommended)
Joe Stead, SteadStyle Chicago