BoHo Theatre


Icarus poster


By Edwin Sanchez
Directed by Peter Marston Sullivan

June 24 – July 24, 2011

presented at Theater Wit

In Sanchez’s deeply lyrical and haunting play, a mismatched gathering of strangers has converged on an empty ocean-front beach house, all of them damaged, physically or otherwise, each yearning for something unattainable. The odd Mr. Ellis carries with him a satchel he claims is full of dreams; a washed-up movie actress who calls herself “the Gloria” clings desperately to her past; a haunted drifter named Beau conceals his face under a ski mask. At the center of this bizarre quintet is Primitivo, a luminously optimistic young man confined to a wheelchair, who, encouraged by his "disfigured" sister Altagracia, intends to become famous as the first person to swim out into the ocean and touch the rising sun. In this sharp, Godot-like dreamscape, these outcasts must discover what true beauty really means.

  • Altagracia: Brenda Arellano
  • Mr Ellis: Tom Chiola
  • Beau: Luke Daigle
  • Primitivo: Nicolas Gamboa
  • the Gloria: Heather Townsend
  • Scenic Design: Sally Weiss
  • Lighting Design: Diane D. Fairchild
  • Costume Design: Erin Wuorenma
  • Sound Design: Christopher Kriz
  • Prop Design: Cassy Schillo
  • Stage Manager: Meg Love
  • Producer: Peter Blair

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Rave reviews for Icarus:

"BoHo delivers an impressive production. Icarus is a celebration of the beauty of dreams... [Brenda] Arellano plays the role [of Altagracia] with a fierce energy... [Heather] Townsend brings a moving and searching sadness to what could be a stock comic portrayal."
TimeOut Chicago

"Myth, metaphor and pathos are all stirred up into one tightly woven 90 minute emotional roller coaster drama."

"Sullivan's direction gives the right dreamlike bent to this episodic, absurdist comedy."
New City

"There are moments of spellbinding communion here that exhibit Sanchez's poetic compassion to great advantage."
Chicago Reader

"BoHo has assembled a charismatic ensemble... [Tom] Chiola’s shattered Mr. Ellis is heartbreaking as he buries the fragments of his past life."
Chicago Theater Beat