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The Elephant Man poster

The Elephant Man

By Bernard Pomerance
Directed by June Eubanks

Jan 7 – Feb 6, 2011

presented at Theater Wit

"He makes all of us think he is deeply like ourselves. And yet we’re not like each other. I conclude that we have polished him like a mirror, and should hallelujah when he reflect us to the inch. I have grown sorry for it."
–The Elephant Man

In Victorian London, Dr. Frederick Treves discovers the misshapen, stunted John Merrick in a freak show and rescues him in order to study his peculiar deformity. But Merrick turns out to be unusually bright and articulate, and soon becomes the toast of high society. His new popularity, however, only increases his frustration and isolation created by his deformed exterior. Has he simply traded one freak show for another? BoHo brings this thrillingly intimate story to life with a boldly physical staging that highlights the layers of self, intentional and not, that separate us all from each other.

  • Bishop How: Thad Anzur
  • Ross: Zach Bloomfield
  • Pinhead, Countess: Jill Connolly
  • Mrs. Kendell, Nurse Sandwich: Cameron Feagin
  • Carr Gomm: Michael Kingston
  • Lord John: Michael Mercier
  • Frederick Treves: Steve O'Connell
  • Pinhead, Princess: Laura Rook
  • Pinhead, Duchess: Stephanie Sullivan
  • John Merrick: Mike Tepeli
  • Scenic Design: Roger Wykes
  • Lighting Design: Jared B. Moore
  • Costume Design: Theresa Ham & Sarah Putnam
  • Projection Design: Jill Vanc
  • Composer/Sound Design: Joe Griffin
  • Prop Design: Cassy Schillo
  • Dialect Coach: Peter Robel
  • Stage Manager: David Solotke
  • Producer: Peter Blair

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Rave reviews for The Elephant Man:

"A spare, elegant, emotionally vibrant production from Bohemian Theatre Ensemble. June Eubanks's staging illuminates the tension between exploitation and fame"
Kerry Reid, Chicago Reader

"An elegant, stately and psychologically mature production... scintillating... Tepeli has completely mastered his role... O’Connell sculpts Treves’ emotional downfall with intricate care"
Paige Listerud, Chicago Theater Blog

"A stunning, well-directed production... pure theatrical magic... a brilliant performance by Mike Tepeli [as John Merrick]."
Alan Bresloff, Around The Town Chicago

"As directed by June Eubanks, this 95-minute BoHo production has a number of strong performances and solid scenes."
Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times

"Tepeli deserves commendation for winning our sympathies and even respect as he shows the heart and courage behind the man beast... The Elephant Man is a poignant look at Merrick's tormented psyche as well as society's ignorance and intolerance of anyone who is different."
Joe Stead, Steadstyle Chicago