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Bernarda Alba poster

Bernarda Alba

by Michael John LaChiusa
Directed by Elizabeth Margolius

Chicago Premiere!

October 10 – November 16, 2008

presented at The Heartland Studio

This stirring musical by Michael John LaChiusa based on Federico García Lorca's 1936 play The House of Bernarda Alba, tells the story of a controlling, newly-widowed mother who is challenged by her five rebellious daughters. The "house" is led by its matriarch, who assumes the role with tight lipped determination immediately after her husband’s funeral. She locks the door against the outside world imprisoning the daughters within. They will live and die as virgins, she announces. The natural inclination should be for Alba to try and conquer death, whereas she conspires with it. Thus the play’s modernist irony. The simple symbolism in Lorca’s Catholic Spain, added to the bare action, at once both enfranchise woman, and present a terrifying result of liberation.

  • Helene Alter-Dyche
  • Deanna Boyd
  • Cat Davis
  • Harmony France
  • Jennifer Grubb
  • Lisa Liaromatis
  • Kelsey Shearer
  • Danni Smith
  • Debbie DiVerde
  • Mindy Wetzel
  • Musical Director: Andra Velis Simon
  • Producer: Thomas J. Samorian

Bernarda Alba Production Photos:

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Rave reviews for Bernarda Alba:

"This is a truly outstanding cast with excellent work offered by all" (Highly Recommended)
Venus Zarris, Gay Chicago Magazine

"This is a marvelous, spell-binding musical with a wonderful cast of talented women." (Highly Recommended)
Alan Bressloff, SteadStyle Chicago

"The 10 women onstage all have strong voices —the harmonization is beautiful." (Highly Recommended)
Emma Ruby-Sachs, CenterStage Chicago