BoHo Theatre


Amadeus poster


By Peter Shaffer
Directed by Peter Marston Sullivan

Feb 14 – March 16, 2014

presented at Stage 773

Now in his twilight years, the composer Antonio Salieri makes a bold claim: that he may have killed Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Looking back on his life, Salieri explores his tempestuous rivalry with the boorish but brilliant Mozart, alternating between trusted confidant and devious backstabber. Does Salieri have blood on his hands or is this just a way to escape his own mediocrity and growing obscurity? Interwoven with the music of these two men, Amadeus asks, what are you willing to do to be remembered?

  • Salieri: Steve O’Connell
  • Mozart: Chris Ballou
  • Constanze: Amanda Jane Long
  • Joseph: David Tibble
  • Rosenberg: Scott Danielson
  • Strack: Russell Alan Rowe
  • Van Swieten: Sean Thomas
  • Venticelli 1 Jeff Kurysz
  • Venticelli 2: Sasha Kraichnan
  • Female Ensemble:
    Chelsea Taylor, Kaitlin Henderson
  • Male Ensemble/Valet: Patrick Byrnes
  • Male Ensemble/Cook: Rus Rainear
  • Producer: Kaela Altman
  • Production Manager: Meg Love
  • Scenic Design: Patrick Ham
  • Lighting Design: Megan Turnquist
  • Costume Design: Theresa Ham
  • Sound Design: Matthew Tibbs
  • Properties Design: Cassy Schillo
  • Stage Manager: Todd Koval
  • Asst Stage Manager: Dalton Long

Jospeh Jefferson Awards

  • Principle Actor (Play): Chris Ballou (nomination)
  • Principle Actor (Play): Steve O'Connell (nomination)
  • Costume Design: Theresa Ham (nomination)

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Rave reviews for Amadeus:

"INSPIRED & INSIGHTFUL... a riveting take on a play that possesses its own touch of genius" Highly Recommended
Chicago Sun-Times

"may not be historically accurate, but it makes for GREAT THEATER ...a gorgeous production"
Chicago Reader

"witty, intelligent, FIRST-RATE PRODUCTION filled with tension, bawdy humor and minute details"
Chicago Theatre Review

"a decidedly consistent production... O'Connell's unhinged Salieri [is] bursting with self-conceit... Ballou's Mozart is a stand-out, a typhoon-like force"
Time Out Chicago

"Great music, great words, and an ensemble of artists giving it their all"
Chicago Stage Standard

"an engrossing exploration of the creative process, devotion, and the true cost of fame... Shaffer’s message of the perils of envy is needed now more than ever, and BoHo has crafted a beautiful, haunting vehicle in which to deliver it."
Chicago Theater Beat