BoHo Theatre

Our Guiding Principles


BoHo Theatre's mission is to create bold theatre that challenges convention through innovative storytelling and unites artist and audience in the examination of truth, beauty, freedom and love through the lens of human relationships.

Merchant of Venice


Our vision is to create a shared community of artists and patrons in which all members are moved through art to make thoughtful, well-examined, caring relationships the highest priority in their lives.


BoHo’s values are defined by the following guiding Principals:

  • The incorporation of the arts as a whole, including dance, music, visual art, graphic design, and other artistic disciplines.
  • An artistic emphasis on the importance of relationships.
  • Securing, maintaining, and nurturing the artist’s process.
  • An artistic focus on introspection.
  • Storytelling through innovation.
  • An artistic and organizational commitment to transparency.


Bohemian Theatre Ensemble began in the Fall of 2003 with four people sitting around a living room talking about what makes a good theatre company.

Organization, a solid business approach, respect for the actor and the creative process, coupled with an adherence to a spirited mission statement was (and still is) the basis for what the founders of BoHo Theatre created. A not-for-profit, 501 (c) 3 corporation was officially formed on November 4, 2003. After a year of business planning and fundraising, BoHo produced Art by Yasmina Reza on the Bailiwick Studio stage. Since then, BoHo has produced musicals, classic works, original adaptations, and contemporary pieces. Our works have been well-received by both critics and audiences alike.

BoHo intends to keep growing with each production, and will continue to follow the initial guiding Principals established in that first year of organization.


Jeff Nominations and Awards/Citations

Urinetown, 2017
Production (Musical)(nomination)
Director (Musical)Stephen Schellhardt (nomination)
ChoreographyAubrey Adams (WINNER!)
Principle Actor (Musical)Henry McGinniss (nomination)
Supporting Actor (Musical)Scott Danielson (WINNER!)
Musical DirectionCharlotte Rivard-Hoster (nomination)
Lighting DesignG."Max" Maxin IV (nomination)
Costume DesignElizabeth Wislar (nomination)
Next To Normal, 2016
Principle Actress (Musical)Colette Todd (WINNER!)
Fugitive Songs, 2016
Supporting Actor (Musical)Justin Adair (nomination)
Dogfight, 2015
Principal Actor (Musical)Emily Goldberg (nomination)
ChoreographyStephen Schellhardt (nomination)
Ordinary Days, 2015
Supporting Actor (Musical)Nick Graffagna (nomination)
Supporting Actress (Musical)Courtney Jones (nomination)
Supporting Actress (Musical)Hannah Dawe (nomination)
Projection DesignAnthony Churchill (nomination)
Parade, 2014
Director (Musical)Linda Fortunato (nomination)
Principal Actor (Musical)Jim DeSelm (nomination)
Principal Actress (Musical)Sarah Bockel (nomination)
Amadeus, 2014
Principal Actor (Play)Chris Ballou (nomination)
Principal Actor (Play)Steve O'Connell (nomination)
Costume DesignTheresa Ham (nomination)
Veronica's Room, 2013
Production (Play)(nomination)
Supporting Actress (Play)Sarah Wellington (nomination)
Scenic DesignJameson Sanford (nomination)
Kiss of the Spider Woman, 2013
Production (Musical)(nomination)
Direction (Musical)Peter Marston Sullivan (nomination)
ChoreographyLinda Fortunato (WINNER!)
Music DirectionElizabeth Doran (nomination)
Principal Actor (Musical)Evan Tyrone Martin (nomination)
Principal Actor (Musical)Nathan Caroll (nomination)
Hauptmann, 2013
Principal Actor (Play)Jeremy Trager (WINNER!)
Pygmalion, 2013
Costume DesignTheresa Ham (nomination)
The Spitfire Grill, 2012
Production (Musical)(nomination)
Music DirectionTom Vendafreddo (nomination)
Principal Actress (Musical)Laura Savage (nomination)
Supporting Actress (Musical)Nancy Kolton (nomination)
Supporting Actress (Musical)Laura Lindahl (nomination)
Floyd Collins, 2011
Music DirectionAlan Bukowiecki (nomination)
Principal Actor (Musical)Jim DeSelm (nomination)
Supporting Actor (Musical)Greg Foster (nomination)
Supporting Actor (Musical)Jon Harrison (nomination)
Sound DesignChristopher Kriz (nomination)
The Rainmaker, 2012
Principal Actress (Play)Anna Hammonds (nomination)
Supporting Actor (Play)Nate Santana (nomination)
Pippin, 2011
ChoreographyBrenda Didier (nomination)
Supporting Actor (Musical)Michael Kingston (nomination)
Supporting Actress (Musical)Dana Tretta (WINNER!)
Big River, 2010
Production (Musical)(nomination)
Director (Musical)Peter Marston Sullivan (nomination)
Musical DirectionNicholas Davio (nomination)
Principal Actor (Musical):Andrew Mueller (WINNER!)
Supporting Actor (Musical):Courtney Crouse (WINNER!)
I Am My Own Wife, 2009
Principal Actor (Play):Peter Robel (nomination)
Lighting Design:Katy Peterson (nomination)
Scenic Design:John Zuiker (WINNER!)
The Glorious Ones, 2008
Production (Musical)(nomination)
Direction (Musical):Stephen M. Genovese (nomination)
Musical Direction:Nick Sula (nomination)
Principal Actor (Musical):Eric Damon Smith (nomination)
Supporting Actress (Musical):Danni Smith (nomination)
Supporting Actress (Musical):Dana Tretta (nomination)
Lighting Design:Katy Peterson (nomination)
Costume Design:Theresa Ham (WINNER!)
Jekyll and Hyde, 2008
Principal Actor (Musical):Courtney Crouse (nomination)
Costume Design: Michelle Julazadeh (nomination)
Gross Indecency, 2007
Principal Actor (Play):Sam Wootten (WINNER!)
The Life, 2007
Production (Musical)(nomination)
Direction (Musical):Jon Steinhagen (nomination)
Choreography:Brenda Didier (WINNER!)
Principal Actress (Musical):Tawny Newsome (nomination)
Supporting Actress (Musical)Bethany Thomas (nomination)
SideShow, 2006
Production (Musical)(WINNER!)
Direction (Musical):Stephen M. Genovese (WINNER!)
Choreography:Brenda Didier & Andrew Waters (nomination)
Musical Direction:A. Scott Williams (nomination)
Principal Actress (Musical):Vanessa Panerosa (WINNER!)
Principal Actress (Musical):Andrea Prestinario (WINNER!)
Supporting Actor (Musical):Eric Lindahl (WINNER!)
Costume Design:Theresa Ham (nomination)

BroadwayWorld Awards

Pygmalion, 2013
Best Costume Design:Theresa Ham

After Dark Awards

The Merchant of Venice, 2008
Outstanding Performance in a Play:Adam Kander
Outstanding Direction:Peter Robel
SideShow, 2006
Outstanding Production in a Musical
Outstanding Musical Direction:A. Scott Williams
Outstanding Performance:Eric Lindahl

Black Theatre Alliance Awards

The Life, 2007
Best Featured Actress in a Play (Musical or Revue)Bethany Thomas