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Three Days of Rain

    BoHo Theatre is seeking 2 male actors and 1 female actor for our upcoming production of Three Days of Rain. BoHo Theatre strongly promotes diversity in casting and encourages all ethnicities and sexual identities to audition.

Play Synopsis

    Thirty-five years ago, Ned Janeway and his business partner Theo designed an architectural marvel, the “Janeway House,” and then had a falling out. In present day, Ned’s son Walker, his daughter Nan, and Theo’s son Pip meet at the pair’s old loft where the house was conceived. Walker has found his father’s old journal, which he thinks contains evidence that Theo stole his father’s ideas. But the truth of the past is much different than the three of them realize. Shifting from present to past, Three Days of Rain examines the depth of family secrets and how children eventually come to embody their parents.

Audition Requirements

    Actors should prepare a 1-2 min contemporary monologue.
    ***Please arrive 10-15 minutes early in order to fill out an information and availability form. PLEASE BRING TWO COPIES OF YOUR HEADSHOT/RESUME.

Audition Details

    Saturday, Feb 18: 10:00am to 6:00pm
    Location: DePaul Univ, 2350 N Racine, Room 326, Chicago

    Sunday, Feb 19: 10:00am to 6:00pm
    Location: DePaul Univ, 2350 N Racine, Room 305, Chicago
    Sunday, Feb 26: 10am to 6pm,
    Location: DePaul Univ, 2350 N Racine, Room 323, Chicago

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    Please continue checking back for cancellations, especially in the few days leading up to auditions. Also, we encourage people to come as walk-ins. Although we cannot guarantee that you will be seen, we make every effort to fit people in and have been successful in doing this in the past.

Character List

    (Open to any ethnicity; male-identified)
    Walker: A quirky and unstable young man, haunted by what he sees as a destructive and unloving relationship with his parents.
    Ned: Walker and Nan's father, despite his son's depiction of him as cold and uncaring, in his youth he was a stuttering, shy, and talented architect.

    (Open to any ethnicity; male-identified)
    Pip: A proudly naïve TV actor and family friend of Walker and Nan. Handsome and constantly frustrated by others taking their lives so seriously.
    Theo: Pip's father and Ned's business partner. A very charismatic man who is more interested in fame and the accolades that come with it, than creating the art that would earn it.

    (Open to any ethnicity; female-identified):
    Nan: A practical, kind woman. She finds it difficult to balance her frustration at her brother Walker's whims and Pip's naiveté.
    Lina: Nan and Walker's mother. A southern belle, easily changeable and tempestuous, beginning to show some of the signposts of mental instability.