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Marie Christine

    BoHo Theatre is seeking performers for our fall production of Marie Christine. BoHo Theatre strongly promotes diversity in casting and encourages all ethnicities and sexual identities to audition.

Play Synopsis

    Set in the twilight years of the 19th century, this dark musical chronicles the journey of Marie Christine, a racially mixed woman imprisoned without a trial to face death. From her jail cell, she recounts her journey from a genteel life of privilege in New Orleans Creole society through love, betrayal, and incomprehensible vengeance, to her final tragic fate. Inspired by the Medea myth, this tale of dark magic and raw emotion is loosely based on the life of real-life voodoo practitioner Marie Laveau.

Audition Requirements

    Actors should prepare one legit 32 bar cut, and bring a second in case the Director needs to hear more. An accompanist will be provided. Bring music in your key and TWO COPIES OF YOUR HEADSHOT/RESUME.
    ***Please arrive 10-15 minutes early in order to fill out an information and availability form.

Audition Details

    Saturday, March 18: 10:00am to 6:00pm
    Sunday, March 19: 10:00am to 6:00pm
    Location: DePaul Univ, 2350 N Racine, Room 323, Chicago
    Sunday, April 1: 10am to 6pm,
    Location: DePaul Univ, 2350 N Racine, Room TBA, Chicago
    Callback sides can be found here

Sign up

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Available Roles

    Marie Christine:
    female-identifying, soprano, 20s, Black/Creole/Mixed Race

    Woman #1 (also Daughter #1):
    female-identifying, soprano/belt, open age, open ethnicity

    Woman #2 (also Beatrice):
    female-identifying, soprano, open age, Black

    Woman #3 (also Marie Christine's Mother):
    female-identifying, contralto, reads 40s+, Black/Creole/Mixed Race

    Magdalena (also Maid #1):
    female-identifying, mezzo/belt, open age, open ethnicity

    Lisette (also Maid #2):
    female-identifying, soprano, 20s, Black/Creole/Mixed Race

    Helena (also Daughter #2):
    female-identifying, high belt, 20s, Caucasian

    Dante Keyes:
    male-identifying, tenor, late 20s / early 30s, Caucasian

    Paris (also Barfly #1):
    male-identifying, tenor, 20s/30s, Black/Creole/Mixed Race

    Jean (also Barfly #2):
    male-identifying, bass/baritone, 20s/30s, Black/Creole/Mixed Race

    Charles Gates:
    male-identifying, baritone, 40s+, Caucasian

    Leary (also Gentleman #1):
    male-identifying, tenor, open age, Caucasian

    McMahon (also Gentleman #2):
    male-identifying, high baritone, open age, Caucasian