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Perpetual drifter Walker Janeway reappears in New York for the reading of his father’s will. He and his sister expect to inherit the famed “Janeway House” that their father Ned designed with his business partner, Theo. But when the house is left to Theo’s son instead, the betrayal leads Walker to unearth a cryptic journal that he believes proves his father is a fraud. The truth of the past, however, is much different than any of them realize.

Shifting from present to past, Three Days of Rain examines the depth of family secrets and how one event can be seen from many points of view. Learn more...

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Why Is Urinetown The Perfect Play For Now?

Posted on 3 March 2017

I first saw Urinetown in 2001, shortly after it opened on Broadway and not too long after September 11th. I was in New York City for a weekend with some college friends and I had been told that if there was one show to see on Broadway at that time, it was Urinetown. The title seemed strange but it intrigued me. On the surface, it came across as extremely comical and absurd – hey, we all needed…

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